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Plotters are special output devices used to produce hard-copies of graphs and designs on the paper.

Printer World International sells different types of plotters based on their application. The following are plotters for sale available in our stores;

Office plottersT120 printer

Mainly used in offices for the production of documents. The following are factors to consider when choosing plotters for office application. Should save time, space and money, easy-to-use, high quality prints produce, reliable and accurate, work faster and smarter, and brilliant from every angle. Office application printers available in our stores includes; T120 ePrinter, T520 ePrinter, T790 ePrinter, T795 ePrinter, T920 ePrinter, T1500 ePrinter, T2500 eMultifunction, SD Pro MFP, HD Pro Multifunction, and T1300 PostScript ePrinter.

Graphics and photo plottersZ3200 printer

Used in printing posters, photos, canvases, backlit prints, indoor signs, line drawings, maps and other more. There are various factors to consider while choosing graphics and photo printers, they include; Ultimate color reproduction performance at the most affordable price, Pantone Color Emulation, high-quality prints and long-lasting prints, high speed and versatility, redefining efficiency, and color management features. Graphics and photos plotters for sale available in our stores are Z2100 photo, Z3200 photo, Z5200 photo, Z5400 PostScript, Z6200 Photo Production, Z6600 Production, and Z6800 Photo Production.

Production plottersT3500 printer

Used in large scale production. There are only two types of production plotters for sale available in our stores; HP T3500 designjet production eMultifunction Printer series and T7200 HP Designjet Production Printer. There are various factors to consider while choosing an appropriate production printer for purchase. These factors includes, adaptability with extreme Efficiency, low cost of operation, advanced copy or scan features and unattended operation, and it’s built for rigorous IT demands and top security.

High-speed plotterspage_wide_xl_4500

They are the newest types of plotters for sale available in our stores, they include, Page Wide XL 4000, Page Wide XL 4000 MFP, Page Wide XL 4500, Page Wide XL 4500 MFP, Page Wide XL 5000, Page Wide XL 5000 MFP, and Page Wide XL 8000. Factors considered while choosing appropriate high speed printers; increase job productivity, powerful and efficient MFP for monochrome and color production, streamline work and fast delivery, fastest large-format printer in monochrome and color.

In addition, we also have necessary printer supplies. Hp Designjet stocks a large collection of supplies can be used in a variety of wide format printers. Plotters are available in different sizes. Our stores are always fully stocked with several commonly used supplies. Vast stock of printing supplies including; toners, inks, graphic media, CAD paper, etc.

We stand behind on what we supply including, toners, inks and supplies are always stored properly in our storage facilities for the better assurance of high-quality supplies, ink, and toners to our esteemed customers.

All our products are always of high quality; HP, Cannon, OEM inks and toners, Oce print media and other more.

Any issues based on plotters? Printer World International is the solution. Contact our customer services for more information.