Creative Ways To Host Your Tunes

Wondershare TunesGo is just a perfect music tool, which frees your music on the computer and smartphones, lets you download, record, discover and manage your music. It is multi-platform software that ensures flexibility in managing the content from your various iOS and iTunes to your PC. It flexibility is something that cannot be iconsseen on iTunes, but that does not signify that iTunes are inferior, or it is on its way to extinction.

It features include the easy accessibility and ability to copy songs between multiple Apple devices, and also convert the media files to readable formats that can be viewed in the iOS.

Interface and ease of use

The Wondershare TunesGo interface is easy to use, and uncluttered. It does not require much of technical knowledge; rather you can go straight into working with this contactable software making it an enjoyable software experience for your file transfer needs.

It helps choose between folders and provides flexible backup options, an external drive, or another device powered by an Apple operating system as your backup. This is something that you cannot find in your iTunes.

Organize your entire music library

  • Tags your music
  • Removes music duplicate
  • Update cover art
  • Removes broken or missing tracks

Steps on how to use the application

Step 1: You download the app and then install it on your computer by running the executable file. To start downloading a particular music file, you click on the “Recorder” option in the main menu

itunes-interfaceStep 2: Select the music file you want to record and play it. When it is playing, you will see an indicator notifying that the recording is happening simultaneously.

Step 3: Once it is played, MP3 format file is instantly and automatically generated for you. It will be available in the library. Avoid distraction when the record is happening.

Playing using iTunes

It is very easy to move the music files to iTunes library. All you need to do is just to choose the files that you want to add to the iTunes library. Then, select option “Add to iTunes” which is available at the bottom of the library window. You will be equipped to access the music files on your iTunes now. It is as simple as anything.

If you are making use of Mac, all you need to do is just to press the Ctrl on the keyboard and click on Spotify tune. The file gets automatically stored on your Mac. To locate the file, choose “Show in Folder” your option in the pop-up menu. It will take you to the location where it is stored. Finally, choose “File” and select then “Add to Library” to complete the import process.

Easy backup import, export, as well as restoring files according to your necessity. Contains safer methods of restoring files from the iOS devices, and this becomes covershelpful if you do not have any iTunes backup. It compatibility to copy between different Apple operating system powered devices. The media which is imported through the software is optimized to be used by the Apple operating system. Ease in the exportation of entertainment files, as well as other content from the iOS devices to any place within the Windows computer or Macs.

There should be nothing holding you back from obtaining this great product. I strongly recommend this software to everyone.