Best Places To Host Your Xbox

img3I am always in support of using Xbox which is one of the most popular video gaming brands owned and created by Microsoft. I am simply in love with playing video games on Xbox pertaining to the fact that the brand represents different video game consoles that have been crafted by Microsoft. The brand has released three consoles in the 6th, 7th and 8th generations. Xbox has also represented applications or games, online services by way of Xbox Live and streaming services for its clients. The launch of Xbox console on 15th November, 2001 was when Xbox came into the live picture for the first time. For me, using the Xbox has always been fun and at the same time helpful. Even if I faced a lot of problems in using the Xbox in the beginning, Xbox support helped me in getting easy with the use of Xbox. All my queries and doubts in regards to the use of Xbox were sorted out at Xbox support.

I have had personal experiences using the different Xbox gaming consoles like Xbox 360, Xbox One and Xbox. The different systems that are available from Xbox are an improvement over the other. However, I had to pay more money for using the new model that was Xbox One. The latest versions of Xbox gaming consoles that I have used feature extended characteristics, brilliant graphics and advanced game play. These features were quite appealing to me as I am always on the lookout of the best from the gaming systems that I possess.


Coming to the varied hosting options available for Xbox, one of the best features standing out to me as a gamer is that all the Xbox One games have Dedicated Servers for multiplayer. This means that there are no more peer-to-peer hosting games with the hosts having an advantage. There are no host leaving sessions, rubber-banding or server migrations. Xbox games run smoothly while supporting different multiplayer players in the games.

I have personally used NAT as one of the best hosting options available for Xbox. With Open NAT, I was able to both play and even host multiplayer games with players possessing almost any NAT type on their networks. I have also used Moderate NAT where I got the ability of playing multiplayer games with some players. However, I was not able to play with the others and was not chosen as the host of the game. The Strict NAT experience was a completelyimg1 different one for me. With Strict NAT, I was able to play multiplayer games with players having Open NAT. I was also chosen as the game host. With these hosting options available for Xbox, you will not be able to hear the other players online. If you have your NAT type set to strict or moderate, you will also not be able to host or join a multiplayer game. Checking the service status is also very important as it indicates where the Xbox Live service is up and running or down.

My Xbox support experience was also a good one. The Xbox support number is 08702806358. You can always call this number for all types of queries and complaints with your Xbox. Calling the Xbox support will help you in getting guidance on setting up the Xbox gaming consoles; troubleshooting and technical problems; linking the Kinetic detector; Xbox bills and payments; assessing the guarantee and checking whether it is legal; returning defective things; assessing monthly bill plan; altering payment procedure and adding and deleting cards.